Winter Haircare

Now that it’s November and winter has started, hair tends to get dry and needs a good amount of care. I have the easiest way to maintain long luscious looking hair which won’t take too much time and effort as well! Oil has such amazing benefits which is why it has been recommended by our mothers and grandmothers. It acts as a natural hair softener and conditioner and this is the perfect time to put it to good use.

What you’ll need for it-


Cotton balls


Hot water


  1. Choose any oil that you like, coconut oil or castor oil, I add a bit of amla oil as well since it has been suggested by my grandmother and has worked really well.
  2. Heat it for about two minutes
  3. Pour the hot oil in a bowl and use balls of cotton to apply the hot oil on your hair so it doesn’t burn your scalp if applied directly.
  4. Massage hair well for 3-5 minutes
  5. Tie your hair in a bun and boil some water and put it on a towel
  6. Cover your hair with the towel and keep it on for 15 minutes
  7. Wash your hair well
  8. Avoid using a hair dryer and let your hair dry naturally.

Repeat this every week or every two weeks for good results.


Silicon Beauty Blender- Nykaa Blendmaster review

Beauty blenders are everyone’s favourite! I’ve come across an unconventional type of a beauty blender that is made of silicone and is still quite convenient to use. Unlike the traditional beauty blender , you don’t need to make it wet for the size to expand.

It has a pretty colour and can be of great use since the shape makes it convenient to use under the eyes as well.

Beauty blenders tend to absorb a lot of product so there is no product wastage while using the Blend Master Sponge. It may take a while to get used to but it is actually quite helpful. Easy to clean and looks super cute. Have had a good experience with it.

I like the texture of it and it feels good on the skin as well.

There are no cons for this silicon blender for me!

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Garnier Micellar Water Review

I’ve been using the Garnier Oil Infused Cleansing Water since a long time now and I have been loving how well it works!

Always remove your makeup before sleeping! The Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water is the perfect makeup remover and it removes all possible makeup in just one swipe! It removes matte lipstick as well as mascara with ease and has a pleasant fragnance. Perfect to remove all your makeup at the end of the day!

Perfectly clean skin is just one swipe away by using the micellar water. Put some of the cleansing water on a cotton pad and it will remove your makeup well, even the waterproof products!

No need to rub harshly or wash your face after using it which makes it so convenient to use just before sleeping. It has a mild fragnance which is pleasant and has a water like consistency which won’t make your skin look oily after using it.

Pac M85 Lashes Review

Off late I’ve been loving the Pac Mink lashes in the style M85. They’re the most gorgeous lashes and can be reused up to 5-7 times. Perfect for beginners who are just starting out with using lashes.

The lashes are long and will be the perfect match even for people with bigger eyes and struggle to find lashes that fit perfectly.

The lashes look stunning when applied and can instantly change your look from boring to super glam! Pac lashes are the perfect ones to start out with for beginners and there is a multitude of lashes to choose from! From natural looking ones to super dramatic, there’s a lash style for everyone.

M85 is the Mink lash style that is comparatively longer than the others and has a longer lash band as well which was an advantage for me. People with bigger eyes will find it as the perfect match for them. It gives a glamorous bold look and can be the perfect addition to your vanity.

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for good quality lashes that can be reused.

Haircare tips

We all love our tresses and it’s like the crown on our head! Here are some tips to take good care of hair-

1. Oil hair twice a week

2. Avoid blow drying hair and let it air dry

3. Use a wide toothed comb instead of a brush, this will reduce hairfall considerably as brushes tend to pull out a lot of hair.

4. Don’t comb your hair when it is wet. It is prone to breakage at that time.

5. Untangle your hair daily. Don’t leave it in knots for a long time as later when you try to comb through it there will be a lot of hairfall.

6. If using any styling tools always use a heat protectant to avoid damage.

7. Avoid getting hair coloured as it damages hair a lot. If you still get it coloured oil your hair regularly and use the correct products for your hair.

8. If in a hurry to wash hair but still want to put oil, apply oil in your hair and leave it for 20 mins and wash, will still have some benefit for the hair.

9. Make sure you use the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.

10. Braid your hair at night when you sleep to avoid having knots in the hair.

Nivea Soft light moisturiser

Not a fan of greasy and heavy moisturisers? Try out the Nivea Soft light moisturiser! It’s so lightweight and absorbs into the skin so fast you won’t even feel like you have applied anything.

It’s one of the best moisturisers I have tried. Has a mild fragnance so won’t be a problem for people who cannot tolerate strong fragnance.

Very well hydrating and makes skin feel baby soft after regular use. Perfect for daily use and can be a part of the daily cleanse tone moisturise routine as well(CTM) . Non greasy and immensely effective, is suitable for all skin types.

It contains vitamin E as well as jojoba oil which is beneficial for the skin. I have only pros for this product since it has literally no cons! Amazing product and is my go to moisturiser. With winter approaching I would recommend this to everyone since Nivea has been the skincare cult favourite for our mothers as well as grandmothers!

Rating out of 5- 5/5

Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick in Radiant

This highlighter has literally upped my makeup game! It’s the most gorgeous and pigmented palette and is also multipurpose, use it as a highlighter, blush, bronzer or eyeshadow! 4 uses for a palette! Isn’t that amazing?

I’ve used this one so much! The Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick in the shade Radiant is one highlighter I would recommend to everyone.

The shades in the palette-

1. A champagne shade highlighter.

2. A pink tone shade that can be used as a blush .

3. A brown shade that can be used as a bronzer.

4. A darker pink shade which can be used as blush as well as eyeshadow.

5. A darker brown shade that can be used as a powder contour.

Shades are very well pigmented and they all look stunning when applied on the high points of the face .

My favourite is the first champagne shade for a blinding glow. The pink tone one is the perfect highlighter for the inner corner of the eyes.

Here are swatches of 3 shades that I use the most.